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Quotes from directors, producers, casting directors and actors I have worked with, click on their names to see their IMDb page.



"Kim Hopkins has the innate ability to dig into a character and find amazing revelations one wouldn't have expected" 

- Rob Dames Writer/Director/Producer

"Kim has a special quality that lights up the screen... a charming style that makes her fascinating to watch"

- Marty Elcan Director/Assistant Director/Producer


"Kim is a delight to work with and a very versatile actress. She was to able grasp Japanese within the very short time she came onboard and was able to bring great authenticity to her work. She's very captivating to watch on screen"

- Darrell Lake Director/Producer/Actor - Love Struck

"Kim Hopkins is a natural, and an utter delight to work with -- intuitive, riveting onscreen, able to mix gutsy comedy with an underlying sense of real anguish and heartbreak"

- A.J. Goodrich Director Invisible Monsters

"Kim Hopkins is a terrific actress,  whose work is genuine,  natural, funny and touching" - Mary Anne McGarry Actress

"Kim Hopkins is a talented, dedicated and passionate actress, it was a true pleasure to have her on the set" - Vahram Jacobs Director Secret of Light

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