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Kim Hopkins




5'3"  132lbs

Hair: Dark Brown long

Eyes: Blue


Headshot 1.JPG

Animals                                                            Lead                                          Maneater

Toxin                                                                 Co-star                                      American World Pictures

Cheech & Chong's Next Movie                     Co-star                                      Universal Pictures

The Hollywood Knights                                  Lead                                          Columbia Pictures

The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood           Co-star                            Cannon Films/Golan Globus Productions

Death Of A Saleswoman                                Lead                                          Girl Next Door Productions

One Small Hero                                               Lead                                          Monarch Home Video

The Ransom                                                     Lead                                          New World Pictures

Foxtrot                                                              Co-star                                      New World Pictures

The Zombie One                                             Co-star                                      Short

Secret Of Light                                                 Lead                                          Short

A Little Push                                                     Co-star                                      Short

Dysfunctional                                                   Lead                                          Short

Richard's Countdown                                      Lead                                          Short

Chasing Shadow                                               Lead                                         Short

Invisible Monsters                                            Lead                                         Short

Familia                                                                Lead                                         Short

Time Lost                                                           Lead                                         Short

The Jesus Escort                                                Lead                                        Short

Anna's Story                                                       Lead                                        Short

Got Milk                                                              Lead                                        Short

Tilt                                                                       Lead                                        Short

2010 - present

2010 - present


The Tonight Show                                         Recurring                    NBC Television

Blooper's and Practical Jokes                      Guest Star                  Dick Clark Productions/Carson Productions

Movie Stars                                                    Guest Star                  Castle Rock Entertainment/WB

The Tonight Show Johnny Carson              Guest Star                  NBC/Carson Productions

20th Anniversary

The Doctors                                                   Guest Star                  CBS Televison

Divorce Court                                                Lead                            20th Century Fox Television

Judge Judy                                                      Guest Star                  Paramount Television

Comedy Club Superstars                            Guest Star                  Andrew Solt Productions

Dyan Cannon's: Get Your Luv On               Guest Star                 CBS Televison/Dyan Cannon

Hotel Hell                                                       Guest Star                  One Potato Two Potato

Beverly Hills Pawn                                        Guest Star                  Asylum Productions

Partners                                                         Co-star                        Cinerenta Productions/Joey Travolta

Love Struck                                                   Guest Star                   Darrel Lake Productions

Funny Man                                                    Series Regular            Funny Man Productions

Comic Book Zeros                                        Series Regular            Tbd

Wannabes                                                     Series Regular            Wannabe Productions/Nickelodeon

Stand Up

The Laugh Factory                                                                            Stand up                                                          

The Comedy Store                                                                            Stand up                                                       

The World Series of Comedy Las Vegas                                        Stand up                                                           

The Ice House                                                                                    Stand up                                                           

Flapper's Burbank                                                                             Stand up                                                           

Training & Workshops

Gary Austin                                                 Improvisation/Acting Improv                         Los Angeles

Wenndy MacKenzie                                   Characters and Voices                                    Los Angeles

Bobbie Chance                                           Scene Study                                                     Los Angeles

Aaron Speiser                                             Scene Study                                                     Los Angeles

Risa Bramon Garcia                                   Scene Study/Cold Reading                            Los Angeles

Rick Walters                                                 Scene Study                                                     Los Angeles

Milton Katselas                                           Scene Study                                                     Los Angeles

Bill Howey                                                    Scene Study                                                     Los Angeles

Harry Mastrogeorge                                   Acting Technique/Scene Study                     Los Angeles

The Groundlings                                         Improvisation                                                   Los Angeles

Jerry Corely                                                  Stand up                                                           Los Angeles

Stuart Fratkin                                              Scene Study                                                      Los Angeles

Mark Bennett                                              Private Coaching                                              Los Angeles

Chris Game                                                 Commercial Private coaching                         Los Angeles

Stuart Stone                                                Commercial Private coaching                        Los Angeles

Special Skills

International model 30+ years,  Certified Personal Trainer,  Licensed Massage Therapist,

Stage Combat: Intermediate,  Gun handling,  Movement and dance: Intermediate,  Improvisation:  Advanced,

Stand up comedy: Advanced,  Hosting: Advanced,  Race car driving: Intermediate


Current Passport


Excellent with technical dialogue.


Accents: Southern, Minnesota, Irish, New York, Midwest, Jewish/Yiddish

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